girl playing in sprinklers

Solution 3000 can be used to disinfect water systems, control Legionella, control/remove algae, and control/remove slime in:

  • Swimming pools
  • Spas and hot tubs
  • Jacuzzis
  • Decorative fountains, pool and waterfalls

Note: Solution 3000 is not for consumer use. It should be applied by trained water treatment professionals.

Chlorine dioxide is destroyed by UV light. Care should be taken to apply it in conditions where it will not be exposed to sunlight. For example, it can be added to an outdoor pool or fountain at dusk and allowed to circulate overnight.

Chlorine dioxide is readily stripped from water by contact with air. This can be minimized by adding Solution 3000 to a water system in which the recirculating pumps are running, but  fountains, bubblers, waterfalls, etc. are turned off for extended periods (perhaps overnight) after adding Solution 3000.