Meat Processing Plant

The outstanding antimicrobial properties of chlorine dioxide lead to a variety of uses in the food processing industry:

  • Washing poultry carcasses
  • Sanitizing food contact surfaces or non-food-contact surfaces
  • Treatment of red meat including parts and organs, ready-to-eat meats or formed meat.
  • Treatment of water and ice used to rinse, wash, transport and store seafood.
  • Treatment to extend shelf life of uncut and unpeeled fruits and vegetables.
  • Fruit and vegetable wash.
  • Sanitizing canning retort and pasteurizing cooling water
  • Use as a lube additive to control bacterial slime and odor on moving chains and conveyors in food processing facilities.
  • Cleaning stainless steel transfer lines, hydrocoolers and pasteurizers.

Every food processing system is different. For help with Chlorine dioxide please contact us.