GAS:SOLID™ system uses SAF-T-CHOR™, a thermally stable, solid-form sodium chlorite which yields a pure, gaseous chlorine dioxide product.

“Characterized by simple operation, flexible control, and reliable production of chlorine dioxide gas on demand, this [GAS:SOLID] process resolves essentially all of the problems associated historically with chlorine dioxide generation.”

Geo. Clifford WhiteHandbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfectants, 4th Edition

Features & Benefits
  • Pure chlorine dioxide (>99% purity guaranteed).
  • No chlorite ion, chlorate ion, perchlorate ion or molecular chlorine in the generated product.
  • Safe, simple, reliable operation.
  • Turndown across entire operating range, without compromising purity.
  • True flow pacing, without recalibration, adjustment or operator intervention.
  • Small equipment footprint; standard modules can be custom configured.
  • No bulk storage of liquid chemicals.
  • At the heart of the GAS:SOLID™ chlorine dioxide generation process is the reaction between chlorine gas and SAF-T-CHLOR™ thermally stable solid sodium chlorite.
  • This reaction produces no by-products—just pure chlorine dioxide gas (in air or nitrogen), free of chlorite ion, chlorate ion, perchlorate ion or molecular chlorine
cdg chlorine dioxide generator

Gas:SolidTM System Can Be Used In:

  • Municipal drinking water treatment plants
  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater treatment facilities
ClO2 Generator from cdg

The GAS:SOLID™ process and SAF-T-CHOR™ are covered by U.S. patent 6,824,756 as well as several non U.S. filings and further patents pending.


  • The CDG GAS:SOLID™ system uses SAF-T-CHLOR™ thermally stable solid sodium chlorite. SAF-T-CHLOR™ sodium chlorite is thermally stable, even on extreme localized heating. This is in stark contrast to conventional solid sodium chlorite: even on transient (<10 seconds) localized heating (above a trigger temperature of about 200° C), conventional solid sodium chlorite will undergo runaway thermal decomposition.
  • CDG SAF-T-CHLOR™ sodium chlorite cartridges are completely sealed at the factory. Users never come into direct contact with the chemical. In the unlikely event that a SAF-T-CHLOR™ sodium chlorite cartridge is punctured, solid SAF-T-CHLOR™ is readily cleaned up; it cannot soak into flammable materials.


  • SAF-T-CHLOR™ sodium chlorite is an EPA-FIFRA registered anti-microbial pesticide approved for use used in conjunction with Gas:Solid generators.


  • SAF-T-CHLOR™ sodium chlorite, used in conjunction with GAS:SOLID™ system generators, is certified by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) under NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water treatment.