CDG Aquadioxide™ liquid concentrate is pure 0.3% chlorine dioxide in water IT is not intended for any use that would normally require EPA registration. It is intended for the oxidation of organic and inorganic compounds. Intended applications include odor control of organic and inorganic sulfides, organic sulfur compounds such as mercaptans, disulfides, amines, aldehydes, ketones, fatty acids, and phenols; iron and magnesium removal from non-potable water; color removal; removal of hydrogen sulfide from crude petroleum, coke ovens, tanneries, waste water treatment, and kraft  paper mills; oxidation of thiols, oxidation of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals. It may be used in the treatment of seafood, fruits and vegetables. Poultry and red meats including ready-to-eat meats.

No on-site production equipment is needed; it requires no mixing or “activation” and almost no operator attention or maintenance, which simplifies chlorine dioxide application, especially  for small-volume users.

Aquadioxide™ liquid concentrate, the first stable, ready-to-use liquid chlorine dioxide product, was invented by CDG. It is easier to apply, safer to handle, and more effective than chlorine or bromine-based products.

Features & Benefits
  • Pure Chlorine Dioxide in Water
  • Concentrated: 3000 ppm (0.3%)
  • Ready-to-use
  • No “activation” required
  • No on-site chemical mixing
  • Storage stable at room temperature
  • Applied by simple chemical feed pump
  • Maintains efficacy at pH up to 9
  • Rinses clean; no residue
barrels full of chlorine dioxide

CDG Aquadioxide liquid chlorine dioxide concentrate is pure chlorine dioxide in pure water.